Saturday, April 10, 2010

Giveaways(!) of the Week

This is for the color "Black" and the size: 38" x 8.5". And yet again: there isn't anything wrong with it! We're giving away another perfect design. (You lucky winner, you.)
And as an extra treat, we'll be having another giveaway!
This is for the color "White" and the size 18" x 8". This design has no flaws, it was just ordered by a customer by accident. This is one of my favorite kitchen designs (and a perfect gift for newlyweds). (Oh, and keep in mind, there is NO background - it's just there to help you see the white.)
So here's how to enter:
To enter for ONE of the designs: become a fan on Facebook, or follow this blog. (Just look to the widget at the right and click "Follow").
THEN leave a comment on this blog post saying which design you'd like to be entered for and why. (Doesn't have to be long or glamorous - don't stress)

Want to enter for BOTH of the designs?

You'll need to do one of the above, then write about Wall Written, this Blog, or this contest either on your Facebook Page, or on your blog. (Again - don't stress)
THEN leave a comment on this blog post with a link so we can read what you just wrote. (Because it makes us happy.)

We'll be announcing the winner on Saturday, April 17th. Good Luck, everybody.


  1. I LOVE the dancing in the rain quote because it's something I try to live by! I am totally a fan on facebook too! Plus I like black better, my decoration theme in my house in black & white. If you ever want to do a trade, I would LOVE to do that.

  2. I really like the first quote about dancing in the rain, because I am not so good at it and could use the reminder! ;) FB Fan and follower of this here blog on my blog.

  3. I love the first one, just cuz of the stuff I've been going through, it's a nice reminder to keep my head held high and keep going. ;)
    Also, I'm a fan of Wall Written on facebook, (if you haven't already noticed the comments about the contest you're having on there. SO many wonderful and creative designs!) I'm also following this blog, AND I just blogged about your website, blog, and facebook page.

  4. I LOVE the first and I really like the second, too! SO... I am your follower, fan & FRIEND on FB & for the CBC!! LOL!! I commented on my Facebook page where it states that I'm a FAN:

    Holly became a fan of Wall Written - Make a Statement With Your Décor.

    Holly: Wall written has the cutest wall statements and designs!! =D
    Become a FAN!! Follow their blog and have opportunities to WIN some of their adorable products!! ;D ♥

    I also linked your blog on my blog... which doesn't have much of a following yet because I've been chicken to go PUBLIC... I've got several PRIVATE ones... LOL!! CBC is going to CURE my inhibitions!! ;D So, my comment gets more immediate exposure on FB with 400+ FRIENDS. ;D


  5. I follow and I'm a fan on facebook.

    I would LOVE to have the dancing in the rain quote! My life is all about making it through the storms. My husband has had 4 heart surgeries in the last 21 months and will probably need another soon. I've got 2 boys, a 20 month old and a 3 week old. Life is crazy and hectic, but we still find the time to DANCE!

  6. Dancing in the rain is what life is all about! Please enter me for this walls are bare....HELP! (...and I just had a birthday).

  7. I am a fan on facebook and follow your blog. I absolutely love the dancing in the rain quote!!!