Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sneak Peek: Upcoming Office Collection

So to compliment our Father's Day theme this month, I've been working on a few office designs. I'll try to release the collection at the end of this coming week, right before we send out the next newsletter. My only problem is, I can no longer design anything. You see, since I made this latest creation, all I can do is stare at it and smile dreamily. I want one in our office, so I can gaze at it on the wall. :)


  1. I love this quote... and great design! Can't wait until it comes out... and is hopefully pretty affordable? :)

  2. Hi Emily Thaler- The design is up on the website now! You can take a look at it by clicking on the image above. The price for this particular design is on the high side for our site- for a few reasons:
    One: the fact that the quote has so many letters, means it's much more time-consuming for us to create.
    Two: There are two colors, so we have to run each color separately, and it takes almost twice as long, and twice as much vinyl.
    And three: We are offering it in very large sizes. The smallest size is over 2x2 feet, and the largest is as tall as me. (Well, almost:)